is a liquid tyre sealant providing major benefits to applications where the continuing performance of pneumatic tyres is critical. It provides a protective coating that will seal punctures in the tread area of tyres the moment they occur. Operator intervention is not required as seats punctures utilizing the movement of the vehicle combined with air rushing out through the puncture.

Installed as liquid is injected through the valve stem of the tyre, with the valve re inserted the tyre is inflated to normal operating pressure. is automatically activated upon vehicle movement.

liquid base applies a film to the interior of the tyre. As movement commences millions of fibres are held in suspension within the liquid. It is these fibres that seal the puncture.

The instant a puncture occurs, air held under pressure in the tyre rushes through the wound. With installed air passes through a liquid barrier forcing fibres out of suspension and embedding them into the wound. As fibres are forced into the puncture they retard the escaping air to the extent that the puncture is sealed. With normal working conditions this process will be completed within one (1) revolution of the wheel, resulting in minimum air loss from the tyre.

The seal formed by the fibres is permanent and uses only a fraction of the fibres, subsequent punctures are sealed in the same manner. once installed is operable for the service life of the tyre.

is highly recommended for both tubeless and tubed tyres with its ability to seal most punctures instantly with negligible pressure toss, ensuring tyres are maintained to correct air pressure, thereby reducing tread wear through a reduction in road heat, a direct result of under inflated tyres