Guidelines To Obtain Best Results

  1. seals most punctures under normal operating conditions and should be installed prior to punctures occurring.
  2. It is recommended the vehicle be driven immediately after the penetrating object has been removed from the tyre, flexing of the tyre under load is necessary to force the sealant into the puncture, where it will form a permanent flexible seal.
  3. Where road conditions increase the chance of constant or multiple punctures, we recommend a slight increase in the amount of to compensate for the small amount of sealant lost each time a puncture occurs.
  4. In the majority of vehicle operations 90% of punctures are caused by an object similar to a 25 mm nail

    Testing of has been aimed towards achieving 100% success rate in punctures of this type. Larger punctures in the crown area of the tyre will be sealed, however the size of the puncture that can be sealed will decrease in the shoulder area. NEVERFLAT will continuously seal punctures in the tread area up to 2.5mm in diameter and usually depending on location, punctures up to 6mm.

  5. If tubes are fitted can substantially reduce the number of punctures.
  6. The sealing ability of is most efficient in tubeless tyres.
  7. The following conditions should be checked if the sealing characteristics are not to expectations:
    1. Puncturing object larger than 6mm
    2. A puncture to the side wall of the tyre.
    3. Less than the recommended amount of installed in tyre
    4. Correct tube size in tyre
    5. Tyre not rotated after puncturing object removed