LIQUID PATCH is an all Australian product that when installed in a tyre or tube provides full protection against air loss for the legal life of the tyre, will extend your tyres service life by preventing underinflation.

LIQUID PATCH will pay for itself by extending your tyre’s service life and reducing repair bills.

Centrifugal force combined with air pressure forces the active ingredients of LIQUID PATCH to enter the puncture sight. Each revolution of the tyre causes LIQUID PATCH‘S blend of fibre and filler mixture to compact tighter and tighter into the puncture wound to completely and permanently seal the tyre.

No! LIQUID PATCH is designed to treat the tread area only. Side wall punctures normally result in damage to the tyres structural integrity which is a major safety concern.

Yes! LIQUID PATCH’S squeeze applicator bottles come complete with handy filler tube, simply position over valve stem and inject required amount. We suggest valve stem be cleared of excess product mixture by using air hose to clear valve stem several times during installation process.

Each tyre is different so refer to Installation Instructions on squeeze bottle or drum.

Yes! Large volume users can select from a range of 10, 25 or 200 litre containers. A dispensing pump is available to suit this purpose.

Even under extremes of temperature and road conditions LIQUID PATCH should last the legal life of the tyre.

Through the valve stem, the valve core is removed and LIQUID PATCH is injected into the tyre to a specific volume depending on tyre size. There is no need to remove the tyre or wheel from the vehicle, following treatment the valve core is replaced and the tyre is reinflated to the recommended pressure.